Teflon Hitam ( Carbon Teflon)
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27 May 2021
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Specification of Teflon Hitam ( Carbon Teflon)

filled with other materials such as graphite bronze glass and carbon.

Each has its own advantages Graphite filled with PTFE is exceptional chemical resistance and is compatible with most hydraulic fluids.

Exceptional performance when used for compression type pneumatic hydraulic rods and bearing piston seals and rotary applications. Low friction coefficient compared to other filled PTFE materials.

Flexural modulus and surface are higher than modified PTFE hardness. This Bronze filled PTFE filler has better clothing creep resistance and higher thermal conductivity than glass fibers with PTFE

This compound is easy to machine but has poor chemical resistance in the presence of acids and alkalis.

Useful in applications that experience high mechanical loads or high speeds rubbing contacts where bronze fillers supply strength and conductivity to transport excess unwanted heat.

PTFE filled carbon with different filler percentages will change properties. The two basic ingredients used in this compound are themselves very questionable.

PTFE has good friction properties including low wear and good elasticity.

Carbon fillers are brittle and have low wear properties.

Both failed at high loads and increased speed.

When both elements are formulated and properly mixed together they become excellent materials for use as seals and rings in industrial reciprocating compressors.

Increasing properties several hundred times

. Wear resistance changes dramatically compared to virgin PTFE.

Types and percentages of carbon are very important for material performance.

For optimal use properties the percentage of fillers is also important.

Lower percentages are easier for machines but don't perform well in service.

Glass filled PTFE Glass fiber has the least effect on chemical and electrical properties and adds greatly to the mechanical properties of filled PTFE.

Besides glass, it increases the compressive properties by as much as 40 and increases wear resistance greatly.

\ This compound rejects acids and oxidation but can be attacked by alkalis.

It is heat resistant and has better mechanical properties than PTFE standard cartridge

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